Resting Bitch Face

I’m starting to wonder if my doctor is a drug pusher.


This evening, in order to get into bed I have a neuroblocker for CRPS, another one for reflux, another couple of dihydrocodeine to kick some of the pain in the arse & a laxative because otherwise the codeine quite literally becomes a pain in the arse.

I have more in the morning & some more to get me through the day. Which sort of makes me wonder why stuff still hurts. Seriously, I ought to be stoned put of my tree. Instead I’m just vaguely contemplating a nap.


My elbow is currently beautifully swollen after the blood test, because apparently poking a vein directly leads to wonky elbows. This is a nice addition to the regular joints out and reflux.

I’m having a bit of an “Everything hurts” grump this evening, providing me with an excellent resting bitch face.


I’d do anything for a 24 hour date with my mega pillow.


5 thoughts on “Resting Bitch Face

  1. I had to laugh when I saw the title of your post “resting bitch face” as it is something I have had to live with all my life. During my teenage years I had a Saturday job where I was on a checkout and numerous customers would tell me to “cheer up” by the third or fourth one I would want to smack them. I can’t help having a resting bitch face, it’s just me!

    I still get the odd idiot that tells me to cheer up, usually hospital staff who should know better. Especially when I am sat in my chariot (wheelchair). I often wonder if I wasn’t sat in my chariot if they would actually say that to me?

    Sorry about your wonky elbow and other bits. I find EDS is the gift that keeps on giving. Currently trigger finger is my nemesis, hopefully being jabbed with a steroid injection next week.

    I just wanted to thank you for another excellent post, have a bit of a rant with someone who gets it and tell you that I am a fan of your blog.

    Rach x


  2. I hear you… my knee is the size of my waist right now… Wouldn’t it be great to know if doctors get paid per prescription they write? that would change things for me.


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