Weekend Instagram! #lowdownground and An Upcycled Full Body Pillow!

Here’s the plan. A minimum of one positive blog post per week to help other people, or at the very least turn EDS from a zebra into a horse.

What better way to harness the power of the internet than by using Instagram’s weekend photo projects for more than just vacuous selfies!

This week is #lowdownground which is ironic as I’m laying on the sofa with no hope of getting near the floor unless I fall over… so instead I started with this:


See (and like!) the original here

What I’d like to do with this is to help spread the word about #MakeRoomForOphirasBrain on GoFundMe  (https://www.gofundme.com/ophirasmedicalfund) who’s in a much crappier place than me.

On another positive note, the full body pillow was an excellent plan and a lot easier than I expected.

Materials :
1 old single duvet cover
6 value hollow fibre pillows
Sewing machine
Husband (or equally capable human) to do stuffing & lifting

Method :

Fold duvet cover in half lengthways and draw a sort of fat candy cane shape making as much use of the pre-sewn edges & making the pillow as wide as a standard pillow. When folded out, you should end up with a long horse shoe shape.

Turn inside out and sew up the all the edges aside from the bottom 2 using a small back stitch.

Tear open the pillows (so satisfying) and get your fully functioning human to rip apart the hollow fibre stuffing and stuff from both sides so the top curved section is stuffed first.

Once all 6 pillows are torn up and stuffed in, fold in and sew up the ends.
Place on bed / sofa / anywhere and get comfy!

I’ll post pics when I relinquish it…

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