All I Need To Feel Normal is Zero Gravity!

What else would I be doing at 7pm on a Friday night than going to the gym….

Ha! Some hope. But I did leave the house. 7pm tonight was my first session in the hydrotherapy pool. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I got into the water using a combo of steps & rails (helped by Mr Geek) into a swimming pool of slightly salty bath temperature water. I was handed a pool noodle to sit on to keep me floaty and I just toddled about moving like a normal human for AN HOUR. Oh yes. A whole hour and I bobbed, I floated, I paddled a bit and stretched out, then bobbed about a bit more, all the while listening to chilled music. It felt marvellous.


Getting out wasn’t so much fun. I cracked and popped as more of my body left the water and the pain of normal gravity was a bit of a bummer. But on the up side, my appreciation for Mr Geek is far higher, having been lifted out of the water into a curtained changing room where he danced inappropriately at me & wondered out loud (too loud) if we should make Austin Powers style shadows just to highlight that not that much has changed.


I also had a lovely chat with the hospital physio team earlier today who have decided that they want to pass me on to the pain management team (Whoop!). She also had a bit of a freak out session about me dropping 5kg in 2 weeks without being aware. Despite me assuring her that I really do have plenty of reserves and genuinely don’t mind if I drop a few more pounds, she’s made an appointment with the registrar linked to my GP, combining this with more blood letting & an ecg to work out why I wobble when standing. (Here’s a clue – I’m full of opiates and they make me want to hurl!). Tuesday is looking like fun fun fun!

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