Medical Facepalm

I know I was going to stop being ranty, but just bare with me a bit longer because I had another facepalmy Dr’s appointment today.


There are very few things that annoy me more than being patronised. Beware the woman in too much pain to stand, but whose tongue is still as sharp as ever.

I was running low on meds and wanted to discuss the unpleasant side effects of being on much dihydrocodeine, or if nothing else a suggestion for something other than sena and coffee. (Whoop! TMI!).

My useful doctor appears to have gone awol, so with only 3 days worth left I took a punt on the newly appointed person. I went armed with my mind map, which was for the best as eds was met with blank… then oooooh yes I didn’t hear you *frantic googling* (dude, seriously, I can see your screen).

We discussed various medication that had and hadn’t worked and agreed that diazepam does stop my muscle spasms & dihydrocodeine sucks as a long term solution (ha! ). We talked about Tramadol, but decided that it wasnt much different to dihydrocodeine (I have no idea – I’m assuming 7 years of medical school would provide that kind of knowledge). He was adamant that adding some gabapentin to the mix would help, so I agreed that we’d try a one a day solution alongside the current stuff.

We also looked for where my referral to Rheumatology has gone. They lost it. He called in senior gp to ask about physio and made a number of rookie errors…

When explaining to another doctor the scenario,  please use my name, not ‘this young lady’. I’m 35 ffs. I will accept this term again when I’m past 80.

I have not “taken to a chair”. We are not in a Bronte novel. I am “using” a chair to assist with mobility. I’m also using a knee brace & crutches. I just handed you a mind map to support your Google search…

Then the best one. “She is no longer able to teach”. And the tongue was unleashed… I AM still working. I haven’t given up my job. I JUST told you that I’m using the chair at work. You are not listening are you? You assumed.


Senior Dr agreed to chase referral & gave me a number for physio so I can self refer(?!). He also apologised for them losing (not sending) the original referral.

I’m not keen on more crappy drugs and am feeling a bit defeated. I’m not sure what I expected really.

6 thoughts on “Medical Facepalm

  1. I’m sorry doll. Gabapentin really helped with my nerve pain that comes with Fibro. Fair warning however, it can make you forgetful and tired. I highly recommend taking it before bed and start small. Good hun. Spoons to you


  2. I’m very, very curious about this EDS mind map you have. I’m terrible when it comes to original creation / organization and have been struggling with putting together something comprehensive enough I can hand to new doctors.


    • It’s an Android app called Mindomo. Each time I remember something or something new happens I can add it 🙂
      It also has the ability for me to send it as a PDF file to my Dr (or in our low tech case, print it out & let them scan it!)


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