Suck It Up Princess

My tolerance for people’s issues appears to be quite low at the moment. I ought to rephrase that – my tolerance for people moaning is low.

Rather ironic for a blog on which I’ve been whining about pain for the last decade, but hear me out.

I have infinite time for my spoonie friends who need to vent their frustrations. Being in pain all the time makes you quite angry sometimes. It’s valid. It’s reasonable. And ranting in a blog  is a healthy way to deal with it. Part of my ranting on here is to make a point that I am trying my hardest to keep my chin up and carry on. Sympathy makes me uncomfortable – empathy is useful though.

I equally am not getting at my friends with genuine concerns about their families for whom cake and offloading is a form of catharsis.

What is pissing me off today is people bemoaning the loss of liberty that they created.


I know I should be more tolerant. But when my Facebook wall is covered with ‘I can’t have a sports car because I decided to have children’ and ‘my life is over because I found a grey hair’, it’s really hard not to settle into my resting bitch face and think ‘good for you, I couldn’t play in the Hearthstone tournament because I COULDN’T WALK UP THE STEPS’. Equally, there are people in way worse places than me so why would I bitch about that?


Being overtired clearly doesn’t suit me.

9 thoughts on “Suck It Up Princess

  1. Yes! I sometimes feel a little guilty when I cannot relate, at all, to people who whine about minor bumps in the road. On the other hand, if someone is really suffering, I care so much that I actually wish I could take on some of their pain because I am so accustomed to dealing with my own. I guess it takes one to know one and we that live with daily pain cannot bear to beleive that another being has to suffer too. I guess we have some special radar that can hone in on true suffering and we have little patience for those who have no idea how lucky they are!

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  2. Ha ha ha. I have to laugh because I am here now with some people in my own life. I have to hide people on my Facebook because I can’t stand reading their whiney rants about they’re seriously blessed yet “sucky lives”. People are funny and ridiculous. Sometimes I feel like I am back a few years ago when I started cutting out the toxic people for my own health and sanity. Now I just try to laugh.
    I love that House meme. I am totally stealing it 🙂


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