This little piggy went on twitter

I wanted to post an upbeat thing today about successfully navigating my chair around work for the first time, but I can’t help but feel my small victory isn’t as important.

For those of you who haven’t been near twitter or the UK news today, when I woke up this morning,  I was greeted with this:

I make very little attempt to hide my contempt for both Cameron and his party, but there’s been a nagging sensation about this all day.

Initially i posted a ‘lol’ on a friend’s facebook post, then I scrolled through Twitter seeing people’s flippant comments and the photo montages put together. By this evening, even the satirical video mashup comedian Cassetteboy was in on it.

So we’ve established that I think that the man is a massive callous knob & he’s allegedly done something that in most friend circles would earn you a seriously dodgy knick name, & probably for life,  so why is this niggling?

Well, if you remove the fact that he’s the Prime minister & all the hateful things that have happened under his watch, he’s just a man who (allegedly) did something massively stupid in his youth (whilst probably egged on by friends and alcohol). And in response to putting his penis somewhere stupid, the Internet responds with photo montages and some quite unpleasant messages. On a much wider scale than usually seen, this is an example of online bullying. It’s not just a joke, it’s not friends having a dig, it’s being hit with the full force of the Internet.  And yet no one seems to have noticed.

Online bullying is worse somehow because it invades every aspect of your life and it’s almost impossible to get away from. It’s something lots of kids experience once & find it hard to deal with. (For those who do, the website is a good start).

This isn’t a political stance or measure that we’re angry about. This is openly and unkindly mocking another human. Why would we want to do that?



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