A Whole Alphabet of Answers

A friend posted this on his Facebook wall today with a genuine insight into his mind. He’s a brave man for doing so.

This is my safe space, so I’ll do it here.


A- Age: 35. That used to sound really old. I don’t feel old mentally.

B- Biggest Fear: Being a burden to other people. Especially Mr Geek who aside from the occasional joke about RSI in his fingers from massaging my back nightly, never complains about his wife being broken, doesn’t make a big deal about helping me out of the bath or putting roboleg or my shoes on, and picks up the pieces when I try too hard to be independent and drop all my spinning plates. Couple this with losing my job – that terrifies me too.

C- Current Time: 7.52pm

D- Drink you last had: We’ll it wasn’t alcohol. A glass of water. I know right? Rock & roll whoooo!

E- Easiest Person To Talk to: This isn’t easy when you hit your 30s. Mr Geek is my other (better functioning) Half,  but then Mrs Gypsytree is My Sherlock – we don’t actually have to talk, she reads me with her mind palace. Then again, Mrs G and I lose hours at a time (and vast quantities of tea). There are others too, on and offline. My friends are pretty amazing actually.

F- Favorite Song: err… too many! Goldfinger, Superman. A multitude of reasons.

G- Ghosts, are they real: No. And that should have a question mark.

H- Hometown: South coast, UK. That’s as close as you get 😉

I- In love with: Mr Geek, my ukulele, chocolate  (dairy milk. Proper chocolate )

J- Jealous Of: People I dont know who chat to Mr Geek. Unless you meant envious, then people who can dance without fear of injury, people who can stand up without an accompanying “oof”, snap, crackle & pop! Also people who don’t feel the need to point out incorrect grammar 😉

K- Killed Someone? No. Nor can I imagine condoning anyone else doing so.

L- Last time you cried?: Haha!  With my in laws & the kids watching Inside Out! Like a baby. The big stuff tends to be converted into raw angry crochet.

M- Middle Name: Anne.

N- Number of Siblings: none. I guess I put my mum off any more! I love that Mr Geek has lots of sisters & cousins and I love them like they were actually mine 🙂

O- One Wish: That there was actually a way to stop anyone else dying trying to get to Europe by giving them proper safe passage here without the awful bigotry we’ve been seeing.

P- Person who you last called: TinyPants as she’d lost her phone!

Q- Question you’re always asked: What have you done? I didn’t do this.

R- Reason to smile: Mr Geek, Beanpole & TinyPants. And chocolate. And world of warcraft.

S- Song last sang: The beard song!

T- Time you woke up: 9.15am blissful lie in today 🙂 especially after my 4am rant!

U- Underwear Color: undisclosed 😉

V- Vacation Destination: This year Malta. I’d return in a flash.

W- Worst Habit: incessantly blogging? Being a stubborn arse about being “fine” then losing all my spoons.

X- X-rays you’ve had: all of them? And MRIs. It’s quite impressive that I don’t stick to the fridge.

Y- Your favorite food: Tesco own brand onion rings crisps. But shhhhhhhh!

Z- Zodiac Sign: err… New Years Day, so (opens Google )…. Capricorn! I’m a goat? Couldn’t I be the cool fishy one?

The idea is to nominate 6 people, but actually, here you go world, I Nominate you.


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