I’m Not Elastagirl

Last week I was greeted by one of my less tactful students by “what have you done this time?!” in response to my leg brace and crutches. So rather than explaining every injury, having gone downhill quite substantially this summer, I’ve started to explain to my new classes that I have a connective tissue disorder that means my joints sometimes come apart and seeing me with crutches isn’t anything unusual. And yes, holding the door for me is always appreciated.


I’m winging it here. I’m not wholly sure how to explain eds to me, or my colleagues, let alone a bunch of teenagers. So far I’ve just answered the questions, but it’s taking so much time! I’ve contemplated leaving a message on each of our class webpages with a short explanation & the ‘it’s not scary and feel free to ask me questions outside of class time’ because they’re kids and most ask out of concern…

One of my younger ones asked what it felt like & can I just dislocate stuff like a snake? I can dislocate certain joints yes, but I’m not going to because it hurts just like it would if you popped a joint out. I’m not actually Elastagirl, she stretches back.


So, any tips on explaining this stuff to bosses,  colleagues  or kids would be really rather gratefully received as it’s all a bit much right now.


4 thoughts on “I’m Not Elastagirl

  1. I have yet to start this conversation and am rather anxious about it. I’m fearful for being treated differently and being seen as unable to do my job. My students know I’m not well and help out by carrying things for me ect. But I’ve yet to explain why. Keep me updated how you go as I would appreciate any advice


    • I completely understand. I’m really fearful of “that conversation ” with school because I want to keep working and love my job. Schools are under so much financial pressure and I’m terrified of being that burden that they can’t accommodate.

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      • I know that feeling. I’ve told my head of department but we are friends so that was easy. It’s getting administration on board with simple things like minimising class movements so I’m not constantly moving my stuff around the school. I have to have these talks before the end of the year for next year.


  2. Brilliant comparison! We’re more like Chewing Gum people – we can stretch and stretch, but it doesn’t spring back and sometimes it snaps D: No good tips here I’m afraid, but I’ll have a good think about it and see if I can think of anything! x


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