Accepting Sitting & Sewing

Today was all about recovery. After descending into a codeine & valium zombie state last night to prevent over tired & in pain tantrums, I slept until mid morning today. That was nice. This week has kicked my arse and stuff hurts.

We decided to go into town to pick up a few bits that I needed for our costumes & on went Roboleg. Mr Geek gave me “the look” and suggested I use the chair.  The chair had arrived during the week and it was put into the boot of the car so I could pointedly ignore it. Mr Geek hadn’t let on, but he knew I was avoiding even acknowledging its existence. I have to hand it to him, he has perfected his reverse psychology on me and off we went into town with me self propelling in my chair (sort of. Mr Geek was discreetly helping). Then we bumped into some friends. Arrrrgh!

Of all the people we could’ve bumped into, G & V reacted in the best way. In that they didn’t. V asked if I was ok, but that was it and we chatted like normal. Like NORMAL!! We found a coffee shop & had lunch. 🙂

I then spent the afternoon sewing with the kids as I’d promised them a craft afternoon.


I’ve picked up a few things today:

If I self propel, I probably need gloves as my skin is sore & my elbows need to stay bent as I overworked them. I probably need a lumbar cushion in my chair too as it let’s me slouch. Baaaaad.

I don’t like people walking behind my chair. It feels isolating. I was much happier with Mr Geek or the kids walking next to my knees as I could still talk to them without straining my neck. I sort of get why toddlers hate front facing push chairs – it’s lonely out in front.

Doing pelvic floor exercises whilst sewing means I can sew for longer! (And looks really weird)

I don’t need to bash myself to bruise – brushing past the brace on my other leg this week is enough to bruise my knee!


A change is as good as a rest, and as it turns out, accepting being sat down rather than leaning on my crutches does mean that I don’t end the day curled up in pain. I don’t want to admit that it helped, but it did.

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