Why can’t I just be a gnome?

Lots of people have different personas. They are different aspects of our being that all join together to make us who we are. Some are easier to talk about the others.

I’m a woman. I’m a mum. I’m a teacher.
All of these things are reasonably easy to chat about. They’re safe conversation pieces.

I’m also quite frequently a gnome who runs about with a bunch of people from all over Europe chatting over TeamSpeak. One who probably ought to pay more attention to the raid than to taking selfies in front of the big humans.


I like these people. I chat happily to them just being me rather than an altered version of me. Despite outwardly being a magical gnome. Yeah. This isn’t easy to get your head around.

In a few weeks we’re all meeting up for a weekend of geekery at a games con.  It’s been planned for months. It’s just that aside from a couple, I haven’t mentioned Roboleg or that I’ll be arriving on wheels because walking around a conference floor requires about 4 days worth of spoons. Two of my very separate world’s are about to collide and I’m not sure how well they will gel. Maybe I’m just fretting because losing my mobility is buggering up my standard personas. And after 10 years of being a gnome married to an inappropriate dwarf, I don’t want to be seen differently.

2 thoughts on “Why can’t I just be a gnome?

  1. You’ll be on wheels. I’ll be shyer than anyone expects. Dave and Tom will talk about SharePoint. Lukas is Swedish.

    Nobody cares at all about these things (except maybe the SharePoint stuff). You’re just “Arya” and we love you. Now stop worrying and sew some tabards :p


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