The Arrival of Roboleg and Cake

I’m easily pleased. Give me a leg that bends within normal angles and a 4 layer sponge with buttercream icing and I’m pretty darned happy.

After the fun and games of the past few months of my knees giving way as I walk up stairs because they bend backwards (oh yes, freaky bendy knees), Roboleg arrived today!

I’m going to try a full leg brace to see if knee popping (which leads to hip popping, which leads to back popping, which leads to me laying in bed rattling with painkillers that don’t kill pain, but do make me stoned enough not to care) can be brought into check. Or at the very least stop deteriorating at the current rate of knots that we are doing. The plan is to try one leg. If that works, try with two. Basically, anything to avoid the option of stand with a stick in blinding pain or sit in a wheelchair in less pain but can’t do my job.


Roboleg has been attached to my right side as that has slipped out so many times I’ve lost count. It’s also the one that fully dislocates rather than my left that is just clicky and loose. The right is also the side that my hip pops out & where my SI sends the majority of its pain. I have to say, my left is fairing much better – less clicky, less damage, bigger boob…

It’s not as clunky as I expected which is nice. Once I’m strapped in, my ability to stand up is really impressive. I stood and baked without falling or resting my torso on the counter to give my hips/knees a break. It made a real difference to the levels of pain. I really hope this isn’t a placebo effect! (And if it is, bring on the pain reducing placebos!)

Anyway, here’s the cake that was created with thanks in part to Roboleg.


The cake was good.

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