Having a Whinge

Yep. This post comes with a full on pity party alert, but I wanted to just put it out there.

I went back to work today (I’ve not been off sick, I teach) and sort of expected to feel a bit ragged around the edges, but today has stripped me of all spoons. I’ve thrown all my spoons in. Hell, I’ve thrown the whole bloody cutlery drawer in today. And I HURT.


I realised that it was kicking my arse when I sent a text to Mr Geek  asking if my new leg brace had arrived & wanted to flip when he said it had arrived when he’d popped out for lunch so they left a card & we would have to pick it up at the weekend. I didn’t flip. I drove home and realised that I was being hysterical because things hurt. 2 more days won’t actually kill me.

So rather than bitching about it all evening, I’m just going to list what hurts right now. If nothing else I can take it to the PT as an example of me being a knob and not listening about taking it easy. So here goes, from toes up.


My outside 3 toes on both sides hurt. Achey. No idea why.

My ankles hurt at the top. Like the top of my foot bit.

My knees. Specifically, the right one. I’m wearing a neoprean brace with metal on it because it keeps popping out when I stand up. They’ve been cracking so loud people around me wince (the cracking doesn’t hurt). That hurt this morning, so technically, no change.

My SI joint is right out. The tops of my buttocks are burning and if I push my bum back its like crunching glass in there. I’ll pop that back in tonight.

My lower back is sore. Standard stuff when my SI hurts. L4 & L5 have no fluid left in the discs so they get a bit crunchy.

Mid back is crunching when I move. The ribs on my back feel cracky and sore. Like you’ve been to the gym sore. But ribs.

Right elbow is slipping from using a crutch & leaning on it. It’s not outrageous paunch,  but it’s noticeable.

Hands. Just f***. My knuckles ache & hurt to move out of anything other than a sort of claw shape. Hand braces are helping. Knuckles are moving and feel like when you flip the lid on a bicycle biro on and off.

Shoulders are more achey. But that’s down to the muscle knots setting in. Usual places. Knotty shoulders.

Neck & head – tension headache. I’m not sure if this was the reams of data or staring at presentations, but my neck is making my head hurt.

Sinuses – blocked & stuffy. Just to add insult to injury.

And we’re done!

Pity party over now. It’s safe to come back out.




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