Staying Connected (why I hate wearing shoes)

After spending the best past of the past few months inside either preparing for exams, or marking them, we decided to spend an afternoon unplugged up on the Downs. Despite the love of computer science, my heart is actually up here:

Cissbury Ring

This actually doesn’t do it justice, although this is in the valley.

Anyway, we sourced a walking stick as my hip is making some weird arse noises this weekend and crutches are not built for hill walking, and headed up the hill with a packed lunch.

Up the hill we went, slower than usual; and not just because I was shuffling, but because the girls wanted to climb every single tree on the way. We found birds, badger holes and buzzards 🙂

bare feet

And it was the perfect opportunity to start this year’s ‘I refuse to wear shoes’ summer. Most years I spend the holidays shoeless in some kind of weird protest against needing to look like a functioning human for the rest of the year. It’s my inner hippy desperate to get out and part of that is feeling the ground under my feet.

Actually, it has a secondary, more perfunctory purpose. In my pre-crappy back days, when I was running I did it barefoot. Being barefoot improves your posture because you get instant feedback from the ground and your feet aren’t compensating to hold your shoes in the right place.

Not sure? Try reading this:

It is of course, a proper British summer and after a couple of hours, the vague sunshine turned chilly and the kids made noises about going home.

british summer

Or rather, TinyPants hid in her jumper proclaiming to need extra blankets as she feels the cold because she’s thin… charming!

It was a good afternoon.

I was indeed raised on the chalk. And now, so are my girls.

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