FlyBaby Day 2

Ooh, it’s been a while. …

Whilst I am a super organised teacher with stickers and systems for marking, I have generally come to accept that this does not extend to my home.

This is a source of utter frustration for my mother who flits around the house with a sponge cursing my clutter.  Recently, I began to wonder why ot is that I can live in a pit, but am super organised at work. I came up with three possibilities:

1. Mum has proclaimed me to be messy since I can remember. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. (Bit weak. Very Freud)

2. Mum is tidy on OCD levels. Seriously, we’ve found her wiping skirting boards with antibacterial wipes at 5am. I am the yin to her yang. (Again, a useful cop out)

3. Her cleaning freaks me put so I avoid being that person and focus all my energy on being a dusty academic. Literally.

I need to find a happy medium between stig of the dump and mental obsessive germ buster.

Enter Flylady.

30 days to sort put some clutter and start some slightly better habits. But no mental new years resolution big bang stuff.  Baby steps.

Yesterday was day 1.
I wore make up.
I went to pilates.
I prepared a bowl of pasta for lunches.
I got my clothes out ready for this morning before I went to bed.

That last one made one heck of a difference.

Today – Day 2
Clothes will be laid out
Bedding will be changed.
I’m going to declutter one drawer.

What could be easier? Probably a FlyBaby App. Maybe I should offer!

Wish me luck.

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