Novel in November – Obsessing over Word Counts. @NaNoWriMo

Well, we’re over the 3000 word mark, but to hit that all important 50’000 words I need to produce at least 1740 words each day! At my current rate, I’ll be finished by 30th December. That’s not a novel in November is it?

More caffeine anyone?


A Novel in November – Begin at the Beginning, The Ending is Some Way Off! @NaNoWriMo

I’m writing this in chunks, but I fear I’m never going to hit the 50’000 words by the end of the month at this rate. My current style is write the chapter. Acknowledge that I appear to be swinging wildly between past and present tense and agree to sort out details like tense and grammar on draft two.

For now, it’s quantity over quality. This way, at least I have the gist of what is going on through the book.

Ooh. It’s a book. I’m 33 and I’m writing a book. Another book in fact. That makes me practically a grown up.

Current progress is in the Novel in November Page

Free stuff! For free.

It’s going to be one of those days. Earlier I uploaded my newly created Image technology for computing CSI style resources, and now after much faffing about (and general non payment of commission) by Amazon, I’ve uploaded a link to the PDF version of the book here.

If I’m not going to get paid for it, at least it might help someone get into coding. And that’s worth a free (and legitimate) download.

All I ask is that you acknowledge it’s mine and chuck a link to the page, or at the very least keep my name on the book. It is my hard work and a good few months of my life there!

Enjoy 🙂

download from my book page

CSI in the classroom – Teaching Imaging Technology

You know you’ve watched a bit too much CSI when you start planing lessons around it. The start of next half term for my GCSE & AS Computing people will commence with a spreadsheet. Yep, a spreadsheet.

The plan is to introduce some practice of the binary & hexadecmial that they looked at last hald term and combine this with an understanding of bitmap and vector images and the theory behind them. (It’s the zoom in, enhance that image ongoing joke that prompted the whole project) There is a real possibility of this topic being very dry and losing the interest that was sparked in the first half term with programming. When it’s dry, it’s just as boring to teach as it is to be taught. Enter CSI School…

The spreadsheet guides them through a set of tasks where they answer questions and undertake practical activities from picking out hexadecimal colours from a bitmap to find a secret message, to writing a program to calculate maximum file size, to using a drawing list to create a vector.

I’m planning on this taking a good 6 lessons for them to go through all the tasks and create a set of written notes (A Level) to highlight the key terminology.

CSI School Dashboard

It looks like fun. So, here’s a copy of the resources basically because I’m lovely.

CSI School

Note: You’ll also need the BMP file and password for the ‘nope’ sheet. Please drop me a message and I’ll email them to you (wordpress don’t allow bitmap uploads)