Will you still need me? Will you still feed me (apple cake)? When I’m 68?

After a blazing row with my father over how teachers are self important ****s who are only striking because they feel they deserve more than everybody else and don’t live in the ‘real world’ (Look! Look how proud he is of his daughter getting a degree, finding a stable job and making a difference to people’s lives! Just look. Oh. Never mind), I genuinely don’t have the energy to argue my point anymore. However, I found massive solace in this lovely lady’s blog post who spent her day making cake. Cake is good. I ate cake today. However, I did spend rather a large percentage of the day getting through a pile of planning and marking. BUT, that does mean I don’t have to do as much this weekend which means I can spend some time taking my kids out for a proper walk in the woods.

Today I have mostly been catching up on Sky 1’s ‘The Face’ and making an apple and cinnamon sponge cake but more about that later.

You may ask yourself ‘How does a teacher have time to do such things on a school day?’…the answer to this my friends is….I’m on strike! I must admit, it has taken all of my moral strength to refrain from catching up on school work and stay in front of the T.V. today as I have been ‘directed’ not to do anything ‘school’ related, but, shockingly, however charming Naomi Campbell et al are, they are not the reason I chose to remain home today.

I love teaching and get up every morning looking forward to going into school and doing one of the most amazing jobs in the world but to teach is a bit like being a wedding photographer…everyone thinks it is easy…

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