Who helps the hungry?

This deserves to be read.

Delusions Of Candour

It was announced today that the Red Cross have undertaken a new task. They’re going to be raising funds and collecting food in order to feed the poor and hungry, the families who can’t afford to buy food, in a country where they haven’t been needed in almost 70 years. The situation in this country has become so bad that more than half a million people are having to rely on food banks, on charity, in order to keep their families alive.

That country is Britain.

Our beloved government denies that there is any link between the rapidly increasing number of people relying on food banks and the sweeping cuts they’ve made to welfare and public services. In July Lord Freud, a Work and Pensions minister, claimed that the increase in people using food banks was because more now existed, and implied that those claiming from food banks weren’t in…

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