I like jumping and custard

I’m not even going to entertain the idea of reacting to Micheal Gove’s latest vile rhetoric. Testing at age five? Considering a pupil’s self esteem is just an excuse for not teaching them to add up? Suffice to say reading this made me wonder how the man hasn’t been demoted (or lynched). I envisage a future where he becomes the mad relative that the Tories keep locked away somewhere to save them more embarrassment.


There’s something nasty in the woodshed.

Back to the lighter side of life, I commenced A Level teaching with a new group today. Now I know that I get a little bit overexcited when it comes to installing a love of all things nerdy, codey and hardware, but the two comments I got today really do show the polarized reactions that teaching IT and computer science gets:

From a year 9 (to me in their first lesson where I introduced Python in command line): ‘This coding is brilliant! You must love teaching it.’ Yes, I do. And the fact you’re enjoying it makes it that much more rewarding.

From a year 12 (whispered to a friend while I was enthusing about input devices): “she’s weird!” Indeed I am. Weird isn’t a bad thing. Weird meant I threw myself into computing and learnt stuff I never dreamt I could do. Weird is unique. Bill Gates was (is) weird, Steve Wozniak was (is) weird, Ada Lovelace was definitely weird. I’m in good company.

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