Methinks The Lady Doth Knit Too Much!

This is a distinct possibility.

Having pondered for the last week over the wool for my next project, I’ve been stuck on finding some alpaca wool because it’s warm and really soft. The only trouble is it’s also flipping expensive!

However, I stumbled upon some of this today:


It’s Lima by Rowan which is an 80% baby alpaca blended with 9% merino & 9% nylon (who knows what the other 2% is…). I bought the dark purple at the bottom and IT’S SO FLUFFY!! Or rather it’s so soft. To the point where I have started following people around the house with a ball of it insisting that they rub their faces on my yarn. I’m pretty sure that’s not healthy behaviour.

What struck me is the way it is spun. It’s almost been plaited into a yarn.


So this evening, I cast aside my monotonous ribbing of the aran tank top to indulge in some 6.5mm cabling of a cardigan. At £6.99 per 50g, or 170m this needs to be knitted up well, and two cables in, it’s growing well and rather shapely. This may take some weeks to complete, not because of the complexity, but because I’m only buying a few balls at a time to spread the cost if this project (and force me into finishing the Aran tank top).

LSH is not quite so impressed with my Saturday night antics, deciding to fall asleep on the chair in a yarn-widower huff. I’m not sure he’s up for the ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’ idea. I can’t really see him as a knitter.

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