Horrible History – A Trip to the Museum

The girls have been out with my parents all day while I got properly stuck into some resource preparation (and mass lamination) for September. I won’t bore you with the inner details of my flash cards and help sheets – suffice to say my sixth formers have some homework to do. Right up to Christmas! I’m feeling more in control and the more filing and laminating I do, the more ready to get this show on the road I am.

To give me some peace, Mum & Dad took the girls to a Roman palace ruin & museum. They weren’t quite as excited about seeing the Original mosaics as I would’ve been, so I don’t think they’re quite ready for Bath. Fishbourne is somewhere I remember going as a child, and with them both learning about Celts & Romans at school, it gives them something to think about.

The place certainly has a sense of humour!


And TinyPants came back having learnt how to make Roman style friendship bracelets.


And she’s doing a lovely job!


Last year, BeanPole roped me into a seven hour stop frame animation filming session (oh the pain!) for her Roman & Celts project. It’s just reminded me that TinyPants is going to want to go one up. I’m doomed! Although I’m still rather proud of our historical animation. Not bad for an 8 yr old & a 33 year old 🙂

Any ideas on a Romans / Celts project would be gratefully received!


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