Survival of the Knittest

Today we are in full preparation mode for the camping trip which is looking increasingly like it may be rather damp (bloody British summer weather!).

My mission this week has to be to finish knitting a pair of warm socks for each child and me (husband has too much dignity to wear knitted socks… ). I’ve managed to finish a pair each for the kids. Mine, well, mine I’ll be knitting in situ.

TinyPants has a pair of odd socks which she’s already worn as post swimming in the sea socks, so they’re currently in the washing machine.


And this morning saw the completion of BeanPole’s rainbow socks.


I guess I ought to pack some other essentials like food and shelter, but the DPNs are calling me…

TinyPants has it under control anyway as she’s making lists!


EDIT: So, yes, I sort of finished packing. But I definitely started my socks! (Who needs camping food anyway)



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