Spaghetti Snobbery

It’s just after midday as I shuffle through the door after an insanely early start for A Level Results day. I’m mentally and emotionally blasted (and a teeny bit proud). For the record, I suck at tech support at 6am, and I can’t write stored procs without at least one cup of coffee.

The kids announce they want spaghetti for lunch and produce a can of weird, processed meatballs sporting a picture of Scooby Doo. This doesn’t look healthy…. I’m past caring what animal these came from and stick them on the hob.

“Are you having some mummy?” They ask.


Apparently they’re yummy! And I’m enjoying them happily eat their lunch while I sit on the sofa and hug my bowl of pasta with green pesto and pine nuts stirred through.

I know it’s crappy parenting. I promise to feed them fruit later. And lentils.


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