Rock your Socks Off!

I finally found a sock knitting pattern that both called for 4mm DP kneedles and actually made sense 🙂

Basic sock pattern is free and online here. And it really works!

First came some camping socks for TinyPants. She can’t wear actual pairs, it will impact on the fabric of the known universe if she was to wear a matching pair of socks, so hers are very ‘her’.


These were my first ever successful pair of socks and they took me about 10 hours overall. Whilst making them, I got into the rhythm of ankle, heel, foot, toe and it all started to make sense!

Then BeanPole got a little jealous as her warm socks that we bought her from Iceland back in 2010 now have holes in and her feet are considerably too big for them (seriously, an 8 year old with size 4 feet is just wrong). So rainbow socks were demanded. Really? Rainbow? Err ok…

Another 8ish hours of careful dropping of my DPNs (double pointed needles) and we have the first one. And I think she likes it!


It’s the same pattern, but this time in the women’s size (they fit me too, which really does mean my baby is growing up 😦 )


And the view from my current knitting spot is everso nice.



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