Some Days Blueberry Muffins Are An Acceptable Breakfast Food

Some idiot in sheer desperation to make my children sleep last night, promised them blueberry muffins for breakfast. We don’t have any blueberry muffins. And as LSH is working in Oxford all week, neither do we have a spare parent to run out at short notice to the shops.

What we did have was frozen blueberries (meant for LSH’s quick breakfast protein shakes to make them taste less like arse), flour, sugar and other baking stuff.


I’m not really one for weighing stuff out because I’m a lazy baker and learnt from an ‘about that much’ approach of my elderly relatives (and having seen how some of my mum’s carefully weighed recipes have turned out, I know that careful weighing a good cake does not make). I’ll give you some close approximations:

Makes about 18ish.

4 oz self raising flour
4 oz granulated sugar
2 oz butter (yes butter, not that nasty plastic margarine stuff)
2 eggs.
A bit of vanilla essence
Enough milk to make the batter pliable but still stiffish (think melted chocolate texture)
The blueberries you have left in the freezer (I guess about 300g?)

Melt the butter a bit in the microwave (for about 30 seconds) and stick this in a big bowl with the sugar, vanilla and eggs. Bash it with a wooden spoon until it’s ‘creamed’ which looks like a paste. Then slowly add in the flour and milk until you have a batter which forms soft peaks (I don’t know what that means either, but it does sound cheffy! Basically, when you take the spoon out, the shapes you leave should soften, but you can still see them).

Now stir in the blueberries so you get a purple swirly effect (this works the same for other berries like the raspberry ones I made this week).


Put some cake cases into a muffin tray (or two as this makes around 18), and spoon in the mixture until it reaches the top of the case. Stop eating the mixture. Seriously, you’ll not have enough to make a muffin at this rate. This bit is important if you want that muffin top look. The big domey effect is just the cake rising over the edge if the case, so make sure your cases have enough mixture.


Bake these in an oven set to 180C for about 25ish minutes, or until they are nicely browned and when you stick a wooden skewer in it comes out clean. Raw cakes are nasty.
It’s useful to pre-heat the oven so the cakes go into an nice hot oven. One day, I shall win the lottery and have an Aga to cook these in. Until then, I have an ancient fan oven that makes weird noises.


These require no frosting. Please don’t frost these. Ew ew ew!

Leave them as long as possible to cool and then stuff your face 🙂


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