Just Because You Act Like A Hippy, Doesn’t Mean you Need To Look Like One

I’ve joined the ranks of the great unwashed and let myself go a bit ‘summer’. I’ve let the sun bleach my hair to an alarming ginger colour with some serious roots and I can’t actually remember the last time I wore makeup. I even started wearing random fabric bracelets and anklets…. My skin is looking dodgy and I’m feeling a bit old and worn around the edges. I even had a ‘how much grey hair is in my roots?!’ moment. In light of my recent musings on whether body hair is actually that bad, it’s clearly time to take action. I’m 33, but not in my head. In my head I’m singing that god awful Taylor Swift song (that’s “22” for those who aren’t tormented by a 7 year old’s music tastes).

This is me this evening. Tired after a long, but very fun day at the beach with friends and oh so many children (I was given charge of eleven at one point, all under 9).


Phase One of return to looking like me was the hair and skin and eyebrows….

Several hours of exfoliation, mixing stargazer red and purple and plucking and we have this!


I feel much more ‘me’ now the trademark hair is back in place. Tomorrow, I might even stick some make up on!


Alternatively, I have a blog about my amazing friends, car keys, breaking windows and many many children to write…


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