Local Produce? Yep, I picked this out of the ground myself!

This is the haul from our germy farm trip. (It’s a PYO, rather than scrumping!). I need to find things to do to encourage my tribe to actually ingest this goodness…


This morning’s breakfast was raspberry muffins made last night. Complemented by coffee for mummy.

It didn’t take a whole lot of persuasion to get them to eat these!


One decision I have made is that we need to get some fruit bushes for the garden. It won’t make it to the kitchen – the kids will eat them before they do, but that’s a good thing!
….now what in the bloody hell do I do with kohlrabi?!


4 thoughts on “Local Produce? Yep, I picked this out of the ground myself!

  1. Cute coffee mug! I have a Dopey mug šŸ™‚

    My parents took my kid to a farm last week where he picked rasberries and blackberries. I plan on going back because those were the best rasberries ever!


  2. We like kohlrabi roasted with garlic and parmesan.
    When I posted this recipe a few years ago, one of my friends mentioned that they had always eaten kohlrabi raw in salads. I think it would be wonderful grated along with some of the delicious-looking cabbage you picked up, tossed in a tangy dressing.
    I am very jealous of your PYO farm – I wish we had something like that near us!


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