Pulling my Nigella Face

Whilst we were out in Spain I became obsessed with finding and buying a proper paella pan. So much so that we did, and my fabulous in laws drove it all the way back to the UK for us. And finally, this weekend we tried it out (in preparation for our impending camping trip where I fully intend to put it to it’s original purpose and cook with it over an actual fire.).


Paella is incredibly easy as long as you keep stirring for the whole 30 minutes it takes to cook. It’s also quite useful for have a gofer husband on hand to bring unlimited amounts of chicken stock as you mustn’t stop stirring!


The thing that makes paella yellow is saffron. Which is insanely expensive here. Insanely. But, in Spain it’s available everywhere for a fraction of the price. So we brought some (a box) home.

Of course, while talking about cooking and taking photos of your food, it is required to make the obligatory ‘Nigella’ face…. I need to work on that a bit.


Once the face has been pulled, and you’ve used words like ‘luscious’ and ‘scrumptious’ in what in your head is a sensuous voice, but in reality is just a bit creepy, and your children have asked to be adopted due to their mother being an embarrassment to the human race, you are ready to serve dinner to your family.


In short, the pan is good. I’m looking forward to cooking like a cave woman 🙂


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