My Extra Family

Just when you think you’re a grown up (yeah right), you start to assess stuff and count quite how lucky you are to have certain people around you.

Let me introduce you to Catherine. Best friend, godmother to my girls, and mother of my god-children (or at least would be if she got her arse in gear and got them christened!).

And saviour of a great deal of my sanity.

Take today for instance. Today, I mooched over to her house to be distracted from my current childless state. I walked through the door to be mobbed by toddlers, babies and other small hairy people who demanded to show me how to fight with “light saviours”. Then I’m handed a hot chocolate with coffee in it and am dragged off to look at Cat’s new photography poster which she is convinced is green. “The babies are greeeeeen!!” I’m told. (Actually, they are a bit – she’s a newborn photographer you see). GREEN!

Eventually, the kids got bored of us drinking hot coffee-chocolate and pouring through photos. So we came up with a plan. Home cinema! Out came the sofas, curtains were closed, we made tickets for them and made them queue up.


After checking their tickets, they sat in their seats and were furnished with fizzy drinks and ice lollies. We even sang the ‘cinema is starting’ song! And….


They were transfixed for the next hour.

What does this mean? Cat and I are the bloody A Team. She has the creativity, I have the organisation. And we both have enough crazy to make life fun.

Thank you Cat for making my day sparkle.

Oh, and for those who want to assess if her babies are actually green, go to
I love the site, but I am hugely biased.

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