Those Who Can… Spend their summer preparing to do it all over again!

So, what have I don’t with my lovely long teacher’s summer holiday today?

Ok, I’ll admit, with the kids away at camp, I took the opportunity to have a lie in. Oooh that was nice! But soon after, the laptop went on and I got down to the exciting job (actually it is quite fun) of planning the first two terms of work for my A2 students who take their final A Level Computing exams next June. There’s a lot to get through in the final year and I’m now in my fifth year of teaching the subject (I’ve flitted between the two exam boards which has kept me on my toes and am now returning to AQA).

Much of my feedback to previous students has been though the online system that they had access to, which will no longer be an option at my new school. And I know I said I’d never build another portal, but I have.ย Well, sort of. I’ve created my own system where I can upload files, homework (they can upload their homework… hopefully) and I can feedback their progress in my subject to them.

When I say ‘built’, I mean I’ve cobbled together the basic V1.0 design and set up the standard SQL & session injection prevention. (read: Charlie Brown Teacher blah blah blah ).

Here’s the pretty bit. (comments & suggestions welcome!)



9 thoughts on “Those Who Can… Spend their summer preparing to do it all over again!

    • I encourage my kids to try! That way they know how to protect the things they build ๐Ÿ™‚
      Nothing inspires a teenage boy more than “Here, I bet you can’t break this”.


      • LOL, it reminds me of a similar challenge I once read about, something along the line “hack this if you can” (name of a wifi network, i think) – only to end up finding the name of it changed to “challenge accepted” (or something like this ๐Ÿ˜‰ it was a fun read
        I’m sure it won’t be your case!


      • I wish! I’ve only has 2 girls in 5 years take up the A level. I’m considering all out bribery and coercion to get the girls into Computing.


      • maybe some interesting extra class activities oriented to the younger girls? the least cool geeky boys around, the better for the girls…. boys can be so annoyingly over-confident!
        PS I know it’s an NP-hard problem in CS… sadly


  1. Awesome! And I would lay bets that your system will be a ton easier to use than the most ubiquitous version used in the U.S., “Blackboard.” Our two girls (attending different universities) complain about it constantly, and it operates so poorly on our middle daughter’s laptop that she very nearly missed doing five assignments in her summer classes. Good for you!


    • I used Blackboard at uni, then Pebblepad for teacher training. I have to say Pebblepad was so shockingly bad I lost the will to live whilst submitting my final evidence pieces.

      The only way is up from some systems!


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