On the scales again…

Last night I fell asleep on the sofa by 8pm in a carb free dizzy haze and after hauling my backside to bed, promptly slept until 7am.

On the upside, this morning I weigh 84.1kg (that’s 0.9kg less than yesterday!).

Downside is I can’t actually function, so I’m swapping the insane 800 calorie carb free plan over to the induction phase of Atkins where I can at least ingest a bit more real food and stay in ketosis. I’m using a carb counter app which means I still have control.

This happy change means eggs for breakfast! Yummmmmm.


3 thoughts on “On the scales again…

  1. I worship my eggs now. I usually hard boil about 4 at night and I can have two in the morning, hard boiled, no cooking on the stove, Just grab and go.

    I actually don’t carb count, persay. I just steer clear from breads, pastas and rice. It’s worked so far.


  2. Yes, hit the protein first thing in the morning!! Seriously, you won’t want to stay with it long if you limit your caloric intake so drastically, because you will be hungry and tired all the time. The absolute best thing about low carb is never feeling hungry and still losing weight! 🙂


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