Day Three – the definitely not Cambridge diet (as it’s now Atkins)

Day three. Much better.

Breakfast – three egg omelette with cheese & spinach. (Cue happy me)

10am – celery with Philadelphia (bliss)


Spent the afternoon helping Dad build the foundations of the patio…


Did some laundry, and even though there was a distinct rumbling, I didn’t really feel hungry (or I’m used to there being a constant ‘edge’).

3pm half a protein shake.

Pick up kids. Then disaster strikes! Cook kids dinner – sausages, chips and broccoli. Look up how many carbs are in a sausage. Arse. Keep walking past leftovers and sniffing them like a dog who knows its in trouble if it steals the food.

Drive to butchers and buy huge slab of steak. Stash this in fridge. Check out what veg I can have. How the actual arsing hell does one carrot have 5 grams of carbs??!?

Graze box arrives. Am saved!!!. Read nutrition info. No, am DOOMED. Three tiny brownies take up my whole 20 gram limit! I’ve realised that I’m going to die, maybe not physically, but my soul belongs to a well known chain of Italian producers of circular bread based foodstuffs. Eat a Babybel cheese – these little life buoys of protein are wonderful.

Dinner. One very large and excellently cooked (by LSH) with a side salad of spinach, half a grated carrot, three slices of yellow pepper, cucumber, olive oil & balsamic.


I’m full. I’m no longer going to fade into the ether. Atkins is definitely less painful than trying to exist on protein shakes.

I’m apparently not quite in ketosis – I still want a pizza.

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