Kill it. Kill it with fire!

We’ve had kids for 8.5 years and today is the first time we’ve encountered headlice. I’m writing this as my pretty awesome husband is dragging a comb through my now tea tree conditioner coated hair (so much for dying it tonight!).

I’m possibly overreacting a little. This isn’t an infestation, it’s not even headlice, it’s a head louse. One. And we squished it. Then flushed it down the loo.

But even so, I’m quite ready to rock up to the bathroom with buckets of DDT and a blowtorch. (I’m wondering if bleaching my roots might help fend them off a bit too… )

A bit extreme?

Fair enough. Well what has happened instead is now nearly 2 hours of hair combing with a conditioner formula. And despite no more evidence of any further life forms, I’m itching. This could of course be because I have lots of fine hair which makes it thick and wavy and it’s been brushed with the tiniest comb imaginable.


I have everything crossed that we have won both the battle and the war, but if not, hear this crawly little bastards, I will win, oh yes, even if I have to shave the head of everyone in this house, you shall not pass!


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