Child: a noise with dirt on it

As we get stuck into the half term holiday with a vengeance, I have noticed two things:

1. Stroppy emails from work can wait. People will shortly be getting the sharp end of my tongue.

2. My children create concentric circles of mess. EVERYWHERE THEY GO.

It’s not even 9.30am. We were woken up to the dilcid tones of TinyPants asking if we were awake yet as she hasn’t got the squash out but is dying of thirst. Then comes BeanPole, who for the test of this post will be referred to as StroppyKnickers for she has adopted the general mood level of the average teenager. It is due to this ungrateful brattish behaviour that we have pulled the plug on the medieval day today, for I am not get feeding the ‘I want’ attitude. (She and I may well fall out this week)

So today, they can go to the tennis courts and wear themselves out. And this week I’m going to find them something to do that reminds them that they really should be grateful for the lifestyle we have. They may be only 7 & 8, but better to realise it early than become horrible teenagers.

Wish me luck!

(And any suggestions on activities are welcome!)

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