Welcome to Munchkinland. We represent the Computer Science Guild!

Oh bloody hell, what have I unleashed?

So yesterday, to give the kids a bit of a break as the exams are in full swing, our after school club became game central. Mainly because they needed some downtime and I’m fed up with them getting teary from overtiredness (expected this time of year, but they don’t need me barking extra orders at them). One young man rocked up with three volumes of D&D player guides and dice while I arrived with a set of Munchkin cards that I’d payed stupid amounts to get delivered in time for yesterday’s geek-fest.

So, Munckin grabs their attention as a quick play option and off we go…. Except they’ve sent me the French version! WTH?!


But we are resilient geeks, and not only do we have Google translate, but we also have a languages scholar and Mrs B with her GCSE in French from 17 years ago (le sange a dans le table – I remembered more than I realised!). And we made it work. And oh my, it was funny. If you ever want to see people who will do essentially anything to sabotage their best friend’s chances of survival, give a bunch of 13 & 14 year olds Munchkin.

Why Munchkin? For me, it’s the obscure geeky references and it’s a gateway to slightly more in depth games. Because its silly, anyone can play. And if you needed more persuasion, check out these as cards with their occasional reference to Pratchett:





Now all I need to do is convince LSH to play with it with me over half term! (Not much hope there)


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