A Trip to the Hobbit Shop

As now coined by TinyPants. Technically called Games Workshop, but Hobbit Shop is just way better.

In an attempt to grab their imagination in a non-computer type way, we’re introducing the kids to gaming. D&D seems a bit complex for them at age 7 & 8, so Warhammer it is. LSH played 40’000 as a kid (read before we met) & looked like a pig in proverbial when we walked in and the girls went crackers over the Hobbit style game (hence the shop name), so we compromised and went with the fantasy version. Elves and ratsBloody hell, that got expensive. But the reason for a short post tonight? I’m off to dab primer onto my army of rat people!



4 thoughts on “A Trip to the Hobbit Shop

  1. We have Grey Knights coming out of our freaking ears in this house. I’m so excited to see this post! We seem to have more in common than I bet you would guess.


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