Welcome to the offline world kids – the graphics are awsome.

I should blog something profound. The whole point of the Internet was to create easy and cost effective access to global knowledge, and yet here I am about to blog about my insignificant day, thus taking up more space and power…

I did something today that was totally unrelated to academia, but may just maybe inspire the next generation to use their imaginations rather than rely on MMORPGs for their fantasy fix. I agreed that as part of my farewell gesture, I would use our usual Thursday afternoon of computer related geekdom to finish the academic year by playing D&D with them.

Ultimately, the point of this diversion is to set them up with some team work and moral support in a world where the sports captain and dramatist rule. They will have each other, and know that this inclination towards the odd and away from jumping on each other on a muddy field has bred some of the finest minds known to man. They will know that it is ok to be an individual and I’m proud of them.


Bring out the dice 😉

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