10 signs that you are living with a teacher

In memory of my husband that I used to converse with and maybe will again one day when that elusive summer holiday begins.

1. Your partner appears to think that the year begins in September and can only count time in six week blocks.

2. They undergo a terrifying transformation some time towards the end of April until early June from their usual motivated self, to a coffee swilling angry zombie type creature that mutters things under their breath about ‘coursework’ and ‘moderation’. If you happen to suggest going put or having a ‘life’ during this time, expect to be met with howled expletives and possibly attacked with a red pen.

3. They feel the need to organise the children when on a day out. There MUST be an educational slant!

4. Your partner appears to be more excited than the average six year old at the prospect of August. then promptly spends most of it like a hermit planning hours of exciting lessons that will somehow make their subject even more appealing (on occasion, this works – see pirate databases)

5. You understand the concept of marking homework, not by the page, but by feet and inches (anything over a foot high clearly deserves chocolate).

6. You understand (or at the least tolerate) the desperate desire to acquire and collect stationary of the oddest kind. This includes character pens, ‘special’ notebooks and a sticker collection that small child would be proud of.

7. Your partner doesn’t appear to understand or acknowledge the concept of housework during term time and will sit in piles of clothes with paperwork on every surface.

8. You are surrounded by posters, mugs or screensavers with obscure references to the academic subject of your partner’s choosing. In some cases, this may be from multiple subjects alluding to the true nerdy nature of the creature you are co-habiting with.

9. You leave love notes around the house in a grand romantic gesture. You return to find your spelling and grammar corrected.

10. You understand why I haven’t finished this list….


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