And the nomination goes to…. Me!

How cool! I’ve been nominated for a versatile blogger award (click on the green button thingy on the right) by the lovely claudiabette. It’s a bit surreal thinking that people actually read my rantings! So, thank you lady from the other side of the world!

I need to pass on the love an nominate some other blogs and as such, the following are my favorites right now:

Seems I need to do a bit more reading… 15 seems a long way off. But this’ll do for now.

And now for 7 things about me… Err. Seven. What, that I haven’t already blogged about?

  1. I got married at 25 whilst pregnant with our second child. (Ok, that’s quite dull)
  2. LSH asked me to go with him to get his tattoo done (full shoulders) instead of out on a date. He was trying to impress me so got the whole thing done and coloured then promptly passed out when I went home! (How could I turn him down after that!)
  3. I have very little time for people who won’t help themselves (loads for people who try their best, no matter what that may be)
  4. I believe in doing your best so much it’s tattooed on my forearm!
  5. I suck at any computer game that requires me to be stealthy – I am a natural warlock (aggro magnet)
  6. I’m messy. Properly teenager bedroom messy. And yet verging on OCD about other things
  7. Sometimes I worry that I’m not as clever as I think I am / appear to be. So I’m signing up for a PhD just to prove it to myself and test what my actual limits are as my last tutor knocked my confidence quite severely.

3 thoughts on “And the nomination goes to…. Me!

  1. FYI: I added the VBA image widget but instead of linking to the VBA site, I actually linked the image to your site…specifically your VBA post that contains my nomination. It seems a more interesting and relevant read for anyone who might click on it.


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