Learning Spanish and looking like a lunatic

In 7.5 weeks my parents finally get a break from us while we jet off to Spain. And in a contrast to the traditional English approach to foreign travel, I will not be adopting the ‘speak-loudly-and-clearly-in-English’ approach to a new language, but am making an attempt to actually learn enough to get by before we go. (Last year we went armed with a phrase book, this year, I’m being more prepared).

Cue me at traffic lights this morning announcing loudly to myself “es preparado el cafe para ousted!”. I looked like a complete loony.

But a loony that has remembered how to tell you I’ve made you a cup of coffee!



5 thoughts on “Learning Spanish and looking like a lunatic

  1. We’re off to Germany in July and I’m doing the exact same thing (but with German, obviously). Here’s to many well-meant and hilarious misunderstandings with frustrated foreigners :p


  2. Its really helpful to look up the Spanish (or whatever language) words for things around your home and office/desk/etc. and,using post-it tabs, post those words to the items themselves.I’ve also found it helpful to watch movies/television in the language you are trying to learn…even better if you know the movie well and are taking classes or using a language program like Rosetta Stone which I can totally vouch for!

    Buen viaje y mucha suerte usted!


  3. I am learning to speak Spanish as well. We have a place in Mexico and plan on “retiring” down there. I can get by with the basics, but I am always surprised when I speak in Spanish, how much French I know from my school days!
    Rosetta Stone is very good. I have been reluctant to invest that much money in a program, but I see the value now!


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