Becoming ‘Ruby Doom’

There. I said it. I’m hell bent on getting into Roller Derby and the first step towards that is naming myself (and learning to skate without breaking bits of me – I’m still a bit nervy. Four weeks on, my elbow is pretty much in full working order, but it takes 6 weeks for 50% of the bone to reform, so I’m not quite there yet – if I fall over now, I’m essentially buggered).

But I needed more progress than the hour each week of practice we’re getting alongside the kids – the kids are getting better weekly and TinyPants is becoming a little wheeled hell raiser (I’m so proud!). I tried to get LSH to come out skating on Saturday night, but he wasn’t keen. So instead I’ve moved forward mentally with a name. It had to have a link to the hair – I’ve had red red red hair for coming up on two years now and it’s become something of a trademark.

Link this to some of my more morbid tendencies (hence the Ruby Gloom reference) and I got it.


With my adventure time nails, freshly dyed pillar box hair, I present to you Ruby Doom – fresh meat in training. Mother. Teacher. Insufferable geek. Future loyalty card holder for A&E.

I’m going to steal a Yoda line here without a trace of shame:

Do, or do not do, there is no try.

And with that, I’m ready for another week. Bring it on life.

8 thoughts on “Becoming ‘Ruby Doom’

  1. First of all, I LOVE the name and think it suits what little I know of you (from your blog alone) very well. But since coming up with derby names is a bit of a hobby of mine I’m going to offer some other names along the red and morbid theme, such as Little Morbid Annie. Or Scaret Top. Or even Cherry Lee Ghoulish, off of the top of my head. lol


  2. Then there’s always Scarlet Fever or some play on it, since its probably taken on Two Evils.Like maybe Scarlet Heathen? I dunno. LOL. I just enjoy thinking of Derby names. Its fun and I’m a dork with time on my hands, I guess.


    • I do like Scarlet Fever!

      I’ve been toying with the idea of teaching my classes on skates as a sort of practice / Mrs B does 50s restaurant theme. It sounded fun until I hit the Health & Safety wall. Damn those sensible people.


      • After I posted that I immediately thought of a terrible (and terribly funny) play on Scarlet Fever that I would never actually use but is kind of awesome anyway…Scarlet Beaver. This is how I spend my time. Its kind of sad, really. lol


      • I think of all sorts of awful and embarrassing names…Derby Sanchez is still one of my favorite gross-out derby names…and when I checked Two Evils it was totally being used! HA!


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