What Time is It? ADVENTURE TIME!

It’s been a long week, so basically I deserved a bit of me time. LSH looked after the kids whilst I swanned off to have my nails done.

My previous acrylic manicure was a disaster and left me with bleeding cuticles and a generally very unimpressed view of the place I’d been.


But the place we went to today was brilliant. I’ll admit to raising an eyebrow when they took a dremmel to my hand, but instead of leaving hoping my hands would stop hurting soon, I left buzzing about what nail art I could get next!

And that leads to the awesomeness that my hands are currently sporting.


I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier just by looking at my hands! And the kids think they’re pretty cool too.



The only downside to these, was my total inappropriateness with LSH when I got smoochy with him and couldn’t not say ‘save me Finn and Jake’. He may never come near me again now.


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