Hello? Was it me you’re looking for?

Actually, having read your search term I’m out right now, please don’t leave a message after the tone.

I checked put my blog stats this evening, as has become my posting ritual. For someone who claims to crave the peace of being alone, I get awfully cheered up by the number of hits I get on here (I’m sure there’s some Freudian explanation for this). Personally, I blame this on being an introverted extrovert. I love people and being social, it’s just conversation eludes me. I suck at small talk, i just don’t know what to say or how long those pauses should be (pauses are awkward!), am I being too loud? Too enthused? It’s all a bit alien. And this is where being an IT teacher is perfect – I’m like an actor who is improvising the script. I have a basic script to follow, but the actual words are based on how the audience reacts. It’s here that I swim like a fish. And it’s the same with writing – my thoughts are much clearer here and if people are bored then they just stop reading without any of this “so, um, yeah,I’ll see you soon or something…”.

I digress.

Someone found my blog using the search term “naked virtual world”. I am a gamer. I play online, but neither me or my avatar are naked. Aside from that one time in Stormwind… No! And more to the point why are you searching for naked pixels? What could possibly be sexy about your avatar touching some other graphic?!

I know it’s out there (some people make some serious money on Second life with their Female avatars), but I just don’t understand why.

Stand back. I’m about to show my age…

Remember the film Weird Science? That</em was a computer generated woman. And spurred a generation of computer geeks, luring them in with the promise of creating their perfect mate with a few telephone wires.

"Some" years later and so far they've managed this:


Now let us never search for Draenei woman with safe search off again.

Which just proves my point really. What is wrong with you Internet? Draenei have hooves fgs! Hooves!

Naughty step now. Off you go. Don’t argue. Now just think about what you’ve done.


6 thoughts on “Hello? Was it me you’re looking for?

  1. The depths of the internet never fail to disturb. I had a running joke with some friends from an old guild to see who could get their female toon to look more sexy/scantily-clad after a rant I had about female armour being completely useless unless you’re looking to attract a mate… ew.


  2. I actually found you in Google searching for other WordPress WoW related blogs!Unfortunately the Gaming community as a whole seems sexually suppressed at its best, and downright filthy at its worst. Sadly, the Throne of Thunder doesn’t leave many players time to actually get out of their house and find a partner. I’ve mentioned it before, but if there’s one thing I’m thankful for its not being a female in wow, though it would probably help move a few of my auctions!


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