Caffeinated Karma – The Suspended Coffee


As I was dragging my grumpy backside through the kitchen trying to imbibe as much coffee as possible to turn me into a human capable of conversing with my children without adding to their vocabulary, I had the following conversation with my husband:


He claims to be against the Happster movement ( as they are associating themselves with hipsters, which he refuses to be. This is true. He is not a hipster. He’s a programmer that mainly works from home in his pants. That’s not very hip.

But today he was in London being an actual human working person, and as he bought his fifth coffee of the morning (could’ve been, he was up at BLEUGH ‘o’ clock and on a train way before I could form a full sentence), he also bought a suspended coffee for someone else.

If you haven’t heard of the suspended coffee idea, it started in Italian coffee houses, where someone would buy a coffee in advance for someone else who couldn’t otherwise afford it. The barista would take note of how many had been bought, and coffee would be provided to those who needed a warm drink. More recently, the idea was publicised on Facebook and people got the idea that this was a nice thing to do and it’s taken off in a big way.

So I started reading a few news articles on the idea and was saddened at so many people’s negative responses.

Just a few:

“The coffee shops will just pocket the money” – have a little faith in humanity!

“Why do homeless people need coffee? Give the money to a charity.” – ok, but what about genuine kindness? And perhaps having somewhere warm to sit with a drink that someone has given to them is just enough to brighten someone’s day?

“You’re just lining the pockets of the big businesses, coffee doesn’t cost that much” – OR, you’re not only giving a gift, but helping the local economy

“It’s just a publicity stunt” – by who? Random people buying coffee. Publicising kindness! The horror!

Or my personal favourite “why? What’s the point in that?” *facepalm* the point is reaching out a little human kindness.

So here, I implore you, shake off your negativity and buy a random stranger a coffee (or tea, we are British you know!). It’ll make you feel good. And if you can’t live with giving money to “the man”, then go to a local cafe, or one of the many talented mobile baristas.

It’s caffeinated karma, and it’s one of the many things that made me happy today.

note: of the other things, these included chatting at length about the value of swords on Skyrim with my godson (he’s 6!), having my other godson tell me how much he likes sausages and kissing my elbow better, and rocking my new(ish) goddaughter to sleep then have her snore on me for a good chunk of the afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Caffeinated Karma – The Suspended Coffee

  1. Not sure what I think about this.It detaches you from the actual act of kindness and the effort of participating in the act by just letting you pay for it. As long as the person receives the kindness is it important wether the act was by the barista with your money or by you in person? Maybe it’s just a nice way to encourage people to do something nice that takes no time or effort when normally they’d do nothing. (A Thought not a question)


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