Being ‘That Parent’

Some days karma isn’t on your side. Whatever we did, surely didn’t merit this afternoon!

We took the midgets swimming. Beanpole took on water and hurled in the pool. Cue the ‘oh god, no I’m ‘that’ parent’ moment. She’s not ill! She just swallowed all the water.

So off we go to get changed and TinyPants walks into the shelf by the hair dryers creating a welt on her forehead! She didn’t even cry, just had a cuddle and acted like she smashes her face into bits of wood on a daily basis! (She doesn’t and that crack noise made me feel sick). Her response “it’s not like I broke my head bone”.

This act of grown upness was not to last and we’ve had tantrums over not being allowed facepaints and her egg being touched by beanpole and beanpole not playing barbies properly. Beanpole doesn’t get playing girl stuff and TinyPants is having an ‘everything MY way’ moment.

So I’m sitting on the stairs listening to the two little buggers children playing Rock Paper Scissors for who is going to take the blame for the latest misdemeanour that they are in their bedroom for.

Now I have a conundrum – they’re accepting responsibility but quote clearly lying to get the best case scenario. I have to hand it to them for their ingenuity, but I can’t help feeling that I’ve been had.

… And right now they’re playing eye spy in their respective beds really nicely. I kind of don’t want this time out to end because the bickering will start again and I may have to start drinking before 5pm…

This has been named “nudey barbie” (fair enough). I feel quite sorry for her. She’s become the servant for the Monster High dolls who now own all the clothes. This is a slippery slope to Twilight.



2 thoughts on “Being ‘That Parent’

    • Well… She comes with this set of REALLY irritating puppies that bark when they hear her ‘clap’. The holes allow a bit of metal inside her to snap back and forth when you poke her in the back.

      This is an adjustment that my kids didn’t do. I won’t however take a photo of tattoo barbie who has facial piercings and full sleeves. She’s a sight to behold.


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