Reverse Engineering a Frog… Tastes like chicken!


A couple of days ago I posted about some knitted frogs I’d seen on etsy. Sadly the listing for the pattern had expired (PDF files have a maximum quantity how?), so I decided to reverse engineer my frog from the photo.

This entailed a trip to Hobbycraft for supplies, which ended up with us buying the girls a mega sized cardboard box (this is another post for later!). Supplies were:

Two tones of DK yarn (or wool for my fellow British chums)
A French knitting dolly with 4 pins
A set of 5 DP 4mm needles (I already had these, but am listing them in case you don’t)
Eye protection for when you invariably try to stab yourself in the eyeball when using the DPNs because working with five pointy sticks requires skill and coordination (neither of which I possess)

So… We start off with using the dolly to make two long bits for legs and then crocheting some toes by picking up a stitch at the bottom, ch6, tc into the third stitch from the hook, dc two down, dc into the bottom then repeat.


Once you have two legs, cast on 3 on a DPN. Pick up a stitch from the top of a leg, cast on 3. Pick up a stitch from the top of the other leg, cast on 8. You now have enough stitches for 4 on each DPN and the fifth for knitting. Knit 3 rounds.

On the 4th round increase a stitch on the middle stitch of each DPN and repeat this until you have 12 stitches on each DPN.


At this point it may look like you’re knitting inside out. That’s ok. When it’s long enough, just use the legs to pull it through.

If you find that your round is twisted, the only solution is frogging. Ripit ripit and start again 😉

Now is the fun/boring bit. Either stick with plain green or use the other shade to make patterns for approximately 24 rounds (ish. Hey, it’s your frog!)


Then it’s time to decrease. Do this by knitting the centre 2 stitches together on each DPN for 5 rounds.

This is where I took some poetic license.To make the face, you need a bit that sticks out, so I figured the heel of a sock does that… To do this, I transferred half of the stitches onto one DPN which left me working on just three.

On these front stitches (should be 14) I knitted across 14, then turned and pulled 14. Then knitted across to the penultimate stitch and turned and did the same purlwise. This continued until I had 4 stitches left. Then I used the same pattern but increased the number of stitches knitted (or purled) until I had knitted the whole 14 again.


After that, his head was finished off by knitting in the round again decreasing every 4 stitches, then 3, then 2… You get the idea.

Once his head is done, you can stuff him from the hole that was created in the poor creature’s bum when you started knitting. Once stuffed, use a darning needle to sew this up and give his legs some direction.


Next he needs some eyes and arms. And this is where the French knitting dolly comes back out. The eyes are rounds which are sewn onto his head, and the arms are shorter versions of his feet.


And you can finish his little froggy face with a couple of buttons for eyes.


(In the end I decided that his face was too “pointy”, so I actually used a darning needle to sew his face down. This brutal bit of facial surgery made him look a lot friendlier)


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