The Frog is Strong In This One Mmmmmmm……..

There are some situations where it is best to take the path of the frog.

Today was one such situation where someone tried very hard to disturb the relative peace here. However, instead of being the angry and offended princess, I (and everyone else, although they are unaware of it) chose to approach the situation as the frog.

Is there an actual problem?
At that particular point in time , yes.
Can I do something about it?
Yes, and here’s the list of feasible actions
Good. Do them. Does this solve the whole issue?
not entirely.
Do I still have an immediate problem?
Then you have no cause for worrying.

So, with relevant and required action addressed, I have the option to either rattle an injustice around in my head having imaginary arguments with figments of my imagination, or sit back on my lilypad and chill. Or to put it another way, I could worry which has no impact on the situation except to make me and those around me upset, or I could let it go and enjoy the current moment.


Suffice to say, I am comfy on my lilypad and if others want to race around proclaiming to be princesses, let them. Life as a frog has its benefits, one of which is much reduced blood pressure and the ability to be mildly amused by those who expend needless energy on imaginary feuds. Feuds are for royalty and books. It’s spring, and who can be grumpy when the sun shines?

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. – Dalai Lama

On another froggy note, I found these two with a pattern on Etsy. I know I’m meant to be creating the afghan blanket, but I think I NEED to make these now now now!




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