These kids don’t even know they’re born! (and other old person mutterings)

It’s day 4 of the Easter holidays and the following phrases a now on repeat:

“I’m bored”
“I’m hungry”

“Stop irritating your sister”
“Tidy up”
“No, not yet”
“Leave people alone”
“Take that OUTSIDE!”

And here I utter the phrase that firmly puts me into OLD woman territory: “these kids don’t know they’d born!”

Take today. A lovely Easter Monday (cold, but nice). We had breakfast, went into town to get the much promised new earrings for the girls, had coffee with G and V, then headed up to soft play whilst LSH had some time in the gym. But they were BORED?! How?!

Then we got home and it all became clear…

BeanPole ran outside with her bow to shoot arrows at stuff like the cutesy girl that she (and her mother) is.


TinyPants got down to some serious pig painting indoors because she doesn’t “like outside”.


Eventually, I chucked them both outside to get some fresh air. Then they discovered that our rock pool that got flooded over the winter had dried out, but we had mounds of frogspawn! This of course meant that we had to get the fish box out and “rescue” the eggs. Cue me and LSH trying to scoop frogspawn out of the rocks into water stolen from our fish tank.*

So, now we have a tank of frogspawn taking residence in the conservatory which have brought with them a gang of weird little fresh water shrimpy things. We’ve had to post a picture online to see if anyone knows what these things are. Mainly because I have visions of waking up to find a swarm of flying insects greeting me. Ew ew ew!


Moral of this story? Stop trying to direct the fun. Give them space and let them make it up.

And try to not freak out about the mess or weird nature in the house.

* NOTE: frogspawn is grim. It is essentially thick mucus expelled from an amphibian. Touching this with your bare hands when the ambient temperature is around 4 degrees is not a pleasant experience. On the up side, frogs have got it right on the whole childbirth thing – this is gooey and pliable and way easier than the gargantuan boney head that beanpole tried to barge her way through with (for reference, she failed and had to be extracted through the sunroof).

2 thoughts on “These kids don’t even know they’re born! (and other old person mutterings)

    • There’s a “nature” pond at the girls’ school. So we’ll either donate them or talk to our local WWT about where to release them.
      I have no intention of raising a family of frogs!


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