Dance like no-one is watching

… Because if they saw Beanpole, TinyPants and me dancing this afternoon we might all be wearing the the hug yourself jacket!

This is the perfect example of just being. We boogied our way around the kitchen to some of the worst music known to human kind (this includes One Direction and Taylor Swift amongst other abominations that my tweenies are obsessed with) whilst we twirled our way through making the unhealthiest lemon drizzle cake possible.*

Eventually I had to sit down, but TinyPants was still in full swing…. And I captured this.

I’m fairly biased, but I think the lunatic is rather cute.

*note: I feel I need to mention that I did not feed my children cake for tea. I am not Marie Antoinette. They did not eat cake. They ate beef stew. We are now eating cake – my eyeballs are buzzing, and as such, this cake is not for the munchkins. It’s for me.


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