Madame Butterfly needs to man up

After dragging my brightly coloured self off to work today, I was rewarded with an evening out with my father-in-law to watch Madame Butterfly.


It’s part of the Open Australia season where live productions are streamed around the world to various cinemas. Total kudos to them, as the show was excellent and bloody hell, her voice!

Act 1 was spent raising an eyebrow at her claim to be 15. But that aside, the innuendo was subtle enough to focus on the impending doom whilst still knowing exactly what was going on. Quite a few tears in the vicinity.

Act 2 was heart wrenching… But after a while I started to question her sanity. Why were you shocked that he returned with a wife after buggering off for three years? And why didn’t you stab HIM in the neck rather than yourself? I know it’s the metaphor of a butterfly ultimately having a pin stuck through her, but he got away with being an absolute arse whilst the teenage (?) butterfly fawns over him and dies.

The moral of this story is that men think with their penises. I’m not sure that’s a moral that puts anyone in a good light.

Amazing voices though. And Suzuki was perfect.


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