It’s my hair and I’ll dye it weird ass colours if I want to

I’m on Easter break from school (I ought to mention that I’m the teacher!) and with three weeks to play with, I’ve decided to use that time to have a full blown mid-life crisis.

In my twenties, I was cool. Or odd. I’m not sure which. But I did have the most amazing hair. On google street view, I was caught on camera in my driveway with bright green and pink hair. Its been long (mostly), short, spikey, braided and in a short moment of madness, shaved. Previously I had been seen regularly with pink, green or blue waist length dreadlocks (plaited in). But whatever I’ve done, it’s generally reflected how I’ve felt at the time. My hair is an extension of my personality.

Since becoming a teacher, I’ve stuck with plain old red hair, and even that is a bit bright for some. And the more boring I look, the more boring I feel. And I’m not. I’m bright and loud and happy, and as I’m on leave my hair must reflect this! So today’s bleach-fest has resulted in bright pillar box red hair with purple dip dyed ends.

I am in full swing with the mid-life crisis mode. I may even reactivate my WoW account. Or drink pink wine with my lovely friend who also refuses to accept the aging process but chooses to quite literally run away from it by doing marathons (mental).

So now, without makeup, and with some rubbish lighting the first sneaky peak of my midlife crisis hair…


What my manic brain failed to remember is that I’m actually 33 now, and I have to go into work for a workshop tomorrow.


Still, at least the frog looks like herself again. Even if I am more toad than tadpole these days.


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